Wakefield Unit 1–The Green Man Suite

The Wakefield unit 1 was is the second largest in the building–about 1200 square feet occupying the front and east side, looking to the Campbell House and MAC Museum grounds.

It has one large bedroom tucked in the back by the bath but plenty of room for another private sleeping space up front.  It is currently furnished but with a long term lease could be unfurnished.  The price is the same.

One of the great features in this Covid-conscious time frame is a private covered sitting area and a private entry–though of course there is another that leads to the inner hallways of the house and on site laundry lit with sterilizing UV lights when unoccupied.


This is the east side of the house showing sitting area of unit one and the many windows in the tiled “fern room” of the unit which flanks the dining room.  The kitchen is just beyond that and the bedroom windows obscured by the tree branches.  The living room with beautiful “Green Man” fireplace looks to the sunny front porch.

IMG_1369 2



Of course all of the Wakefield House says comfort, stability and security.


The massive fireplace (which has an electric fake fire as real ones are not allowed in multi family homes in Spokane) has hand carved “Green Men”.  Spirits of the forest.



The dining room with beautiful quarter-sawn oak paneling, the tiled fern room beyond



The bedroom has a queen sized bed and lots of storage.  There is a separate closet in the hall for wardrobe and a broom closet for things like the vacuum.




The kitchen has all new appliances as of the winter of 2019, a Bosch dishwasher and adequate glass fronted pantry space.


The rooms are large and comfortable–spaces for guests if need be. 🙂



The outdoor private, covered sitting area makes it easy to invite folks over.




The covered space is about 10×10 with more room down the front porch



If you have questions about availability please make contact  509 879-4619

The Wakefield Library Apartment

The original library area of the Wakefield House, now a one bedroom one bath unit on the ground floor west side.

The Wakefield house was built in 1898 and converted into nine apartments in the mid 1920’s.  Though all have a mission theme, each apartment has a distinctive feel as it takes one section of this very custom original home.




The Wakefield Library, unit 2 has an entry from the main hall, but also the door you see to the left of the central pillars.

In the summer there is space for a nice little outdoor sitting and dining area.


The apartment has a galley kitchen with large pantry–to the end in this photo, and out of sight, but also has the original and useful wall-built ironing board.  That is why, for the younger folks, you will find the iron stored with the toaster. . .



The dining area, next to the kitchen, also houses a twin futon and a mission style writing desk.


The living area below has seating for five and a door into the hallway–helpful for going out to coffee if you have a guest in the front room.  Below is what you would see entering from that door.



Above is what you would see from the bedroom.

And speaking of the bedroom, it has the most gorgeous tile fireplace.


Sadly it cannot be used in original purpose–fire code–but don’t forget to notice the lamp of knowledge and open book tiles, surrounded by pine cone metal works.

The queen bed has our fantastic “go to” mattress from a local company.  We will divulge our supplier if you like.  They ship to all states and the last one bought by one of our guests left for Indiana last week.  The local company really does an excellent job.


The bath is rather normal, tiled with a modern toilet and bath/shower that you can’t see in this picture.


There is also a well-lighted walk in closet with a full length mirror and a nice set of built ins–plenty of storage space.  A real bonus sometimes not seen in these older buildings.


All in all unit 2 is a bright and inviting space with an open western aspect, peek views of the river valley from the bedroom north window.  A lovely place to stay or live.



The little garages outside the Hobbit entry to the right.  On the left you can see the historic Campbell House–our next door neighbor.DSC_0001wakefield

The front of the Wakefield House above–Hobbit entry is around the back under the portcullis.


Hobbit closet and Heywood Wakefield vanity.  Note floor!

DSC_0058 copy

Living room from bedroom door

The living room is a good bit more spare than shown–red futon is no longer present.


New paint–and now new appliances


Hobbit kitchen from entry

Wakefield Apartment 3 The Painter’s Perch

We have used apartment 3 of the Wakefield on and off for the last ten years as a furnished unit.  Not very many people have stayed there, because it has a tendency to have its renters move in and just not move out.


It has its own entry, tucked into the back of the house.IMG_1369

The back right corner–you can sort of see the steps.

Here is the front face of the house:


If you looked right towards the bluff and river here are some of the views:


This one taken from the picture window in the living/dining room. The light through the trees is the Spokane River, down the bluff and an easy–though steep–walk through the museum grounds next door.


The one above is standing on the stairs looking north.

The kitchen is very workable–newly paintedIMG_1380 IMG_1362

By George.


Whose attention to detail is something you don’t hear very often coupled with “rental unit.”


The living room is spacious:IMG_1379 IMG_1378 IMG_1423

And leads to the bedroom.

IMG_1373 IMG_1371

The bedroom has a little sitting area, access the the bath, and a tiny sun room, which is actually nice for opening in the summer nights to increase the airflow.  The view of course is beyond beautiful.


It’s a nice space.

It’s called the Painter’s Perch because a famous local landscape artist once had his studio there.  He now paints just down the hill.

The Portico two bedroom unit of the Wakefield House.

Available for 30 day stays, the Portico is the unit with the sun room bedroom over the drive of the Wakefield House.  One of our two two bedroom units.   It can sleep five in a slightly formal and genteel space.


Wait, wait, this does not look genteel!

(This is Rick and my son Nick in August 2013 scraping away six layers of peeling wallpaper in the dining room.)

The dining room looks like this now.


Of course The Portico unit  has a full kitchen–south facing and sunny.

IMG_1390 IMG_1454

A large living room.


North bedroom with bath access.



The bath has two doors, which is nice as you don’t have to wander through the second sleeping space.


Below, the lovely curtained sun room/second bedroom and sitting area.


Of course the views are breathtaking.  It is probably one of the finest spots to sit and view the world in Spokane–really, it is fabulous.

dsc_0048 IMG_1498

The Portico–the whole west face of the Wakefield second floor.

One bath, two doors.

Two queen beds in separate rooms.

One small informal twin or sitting area by window in dining room.

Sleeps five with three beds.

Full kitchen.

Two TVs with cable, one DVD player, wireless Internet.

No Smoking.


Upsides: Great light, lovely space, roomy.  A wonderful choice at all times of year.

Downsides: The hardwood floors with Oriental carpets are not as forgiving of noise as some surfaces, so one must be considerate of neighbors (though you would be anyway, we know it!)   Parking for overnight guests is limited on off street choices, but plentiful and free on street.