Spokane Farmers Market

We have a rather nice farmers market here in Spokane.



Several in fact, but the one I usually use is open Wednesdays and Saturdays eight AM to 1 PM.

Mid May to Mid October on Saturdays and Wednesdays, about a month at either end only Saturdays.



It is located off the Division Exit of I-90.  Just to the south of the highway.  5th and Division, 5th and Brown.  There is a small field there that you can see from the highway.

elitorpe's stand 2

Why this particular market?  Well, loyalty for one thing because we were involved for a number of years selling hand spun yarn from our sheep and goats up at the farm.  Finally we just got too busy and had to cut back on that activity.  (Though I still spin on occasion and the carding equipment exists in the basement.)

Locally-produced food is undoubtedly better tasting and better for you and the planet.

Alice Waters from the Wall Street Journal


“This movement [valuing local food] poses a threat to fast-food businesses and industrial food companies, both of which I predict will continue to shape-shift and co-opt their values for profit. As long as their products continue to be supported by government subsidies, they will be successful. The reality is that the sustainable-food movement’s reach will grow only to a point and ultimately will be limited to those with access, means and education—unless legislators dramatically change food and agriculture policy.

I think that those in government will come back to their senses in the coming years and begin to subsidize farms instead of factories. As access to real food becomes increasingly divided between the haves and the have-nots, food security will become even more of a social-justice issue.”

(A good example oF corporate interest shape-shifting was the Starbuck’s infamous series of field trips to actual local coffee bars to see what ideas they could come up with to seem more “real.”  Apparently they took up a lot of space for a time and bought no competitor’s coffee.)

Here by the way is one of our favorite coffee roasters:



(Great coffee–you’ll find some and a grinder in your unit, but visit them too–right across the river in Kendall Yards)

The Farmers Market sadly offers no coffee, but makes up for it with several great bakers, cheese makers, organic meat (Beef, goat, pork, chicken)  seedlings, flowers, wonderful fruits and vegetables in season, and eggs.

i_bouzies_logo 202_1_orig

On weekends, when our little flock cannot possibly keep up with demand, we sometimes supplement our egg production with other home-kept chicken’s offerings.


Anyhow, the market is easy to find and not five minutes away by car, or an easy bike ride.  Go east on the Highway to Division St exit, bear right, go right at the light and it is there to your right.  Or wend your way through town, under the highway and follow 5th east until you run into the market field.

Organic grocery shopping and other needs:

People often ask where to get organic food in Spokane.  There are several places near to us.

Also the site of the nearest  Post Office, and Pharmacy,  the basic grocery, Rosauers on Third and Cannon is quite good in the produce department and does stock some organics.  They also offer a service called Delivery Boy where for $12 you can have anything you want delivered to your house or apartment.  http://www.thedeliveryboy.com/

Granted, you can also ask us to do this before you arrive and we will charge nothing for it–or just the cost of whatever you want anyway.


(There is a map at the base of this link–it is right as you enter Browne’s Addition on Second–on the map below where Second and Third appear to converge–they don’t.)


Another Spokane classic is Huckleberry’s Market–also owned by Rosauers company but specializing in what they call Natural Food.  It’s a good place, and not too far away.


Huckleberry’s Natural Market
926 South Monroe Street
Spokane, WA 99204
(509) 624-1349


A third choice is a store called Main Market, which is downtown–you guessed it–on Main St. On the map above it is roughly where the word Sprague is written.  My friend Lori works there.


STORE HOURS: Open 7 Days a Week | Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm


The deli is very good, serving as a small cafe for downtowners.  It is quite close to the Opera House and Convention Center, also within a block of the local Kinko’s copy place–a very good office backup and Fed Ex shipping station.  My friend Charlie works there.  http://local.fedex.com/wa/spokane/office-2893/

Trader Joe’s Spokane

In the shopping center which also houses Urban Canine (across the parking lot) on Ray and 29th St on the South Hill.

2975 East 29th Ave
Spokane, WA 99223

Trading Hours:
Mon-Sun: 8am – 9pm
Truthfully, I have been once, and will never go again if I can help it!  (Reasons? Corporate, non-local ownership for one, but more so the stiflingly South Hill crowd, crowding the crowded aisles–and it is a very long way up hill on a bike for a grocery shop.)
Urban Canine is a whole different story:
If you have a pooch and want to look at great equipment they are worth a visit.

Local places to eat and drink.

I wanted to give a rundown of the local restaurants, bars, coffee places, etc., within zero to six or seven blocks of the Odell House–please feel free to add comments to the base if you find something special about any of these places, or ones that we missed.  We appreciate hearing about your experiences–which certainly might be different from our own–and no doubt valuable to others.


All of the places below are in easy walking distance, most privately owned and operated.

The closest grocery is #10 on our map–Rosauers. 

There are others–an organic market noted on the larger map (link below)

(See this map bigger and with more detail at  http://www.theodellhouse.com/location.html)


Here are places to eat and drink, in walking distance, and in alphabetical order!

place.  (Thank goodness.) You can actually eat their take out food and like it: nothing in plastic wrap.  They stock excellent pastries from Chaps (the best French bakery in town) whose main place is not terribly convenient to us–nor convenient to use!–so this is a nice addition.  Cannon Coffee also serves home-created ice cream from Brain Freeze.  (thus “And Cone”)  Definitely worth a visit.  If you are staying in the Odell House, look for the magic card inviting you in for a free cup of Joe at Cannon Coffee–or look in your freezer–there is some ground in there for you too. 

Caffe Capris  https://www.facebook.com/CaffeCapriBrownesAddition

At the circle on our map.

Address: 2001 West Pacific (The corner of Pacific and Cannon)


Cafe Mac http://northwestmuseum.org/shop/caf%C3%A9-mac

http://northwestmuseum.org/  RIGHT NEXT DOOR


Address: 2316 West First

It will look familiar when you are with us! (Next door and across the street, #4 on our map.)  The hours are somewhat variable, (at this moment (check!) Wed – Sun 10:00am – 5:00pm).  The museum is worth a visit and the Cafe is very nice indeed!  Grounds can be enjoyed like a park–do so!

El Que http://www.examiner.com/article/the-spokane-bar-crawl-2010-el-que

At the circle on our map.

Address: 141 South Cannon Street, (Just south of The Elk Pub on Cannon, North of Steve’s Bike shop)


A great variety of Tequilla!!

Italia Trattoria  http://italiatrattoriaspokane.com/

At the circle on our map.

Address: 144 South Cannon St. (Directly opposite Steve’s Bike shop south of the corner Pacific and Cannon)



Very good food.  You will not be disappointed no matter what you choose, but Rick says they have the best hamburger in town (who knew!).

A creative, tasty, menu offerings in a quiet, classy, slightly industrial setting, that manages to be bright and sunny as well.  Lovingly tended by it’s creators every single day.  Brunch on weekends, other than that lunch and dinner.  Make sure to visit!  (Closed Mondays and with somewhat random hours–might give them a call.)

Pacific Pizza http://www.pacificavepizza.com/


Address: 2001 West Pacific (Next to coffee place corner of Cannon and Pacific)

At the circle on our map.

Rick is has a garlic allergy, so we have not been here much, but people report good things.  If you go please tell us what you thought of the visit.

The Elk Public House http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elk-Public-House/111063758964656

Address: 1931 West Pacific (Corner of Pacific and Cannon)

At the circle on our map.


A classic Browne’s  Addition eatery.  Sante Fe chicken is my favorite, Rick likes the Swimming Angel (featuring a nice peanut sauce on frilled chicken over steamed spinach on rice.)  The potato salad is home made and wonderful.  Slightly noisy, but fun.

And then, at the Odell House or Wakefield, in case you are just plain tired of going out, you have your very own kitchen!  We are happy to stock it for you.   If you want it done, please ask!