Finch Hall Condominium

The Finch Hall is a historic building just north of the River, adjacent to the Kendall Yards area. Construction of this solid and stately brick building began in 1928


Originally it was a dormitory for Spokane nurses.  It was then converted into apartments about fifteen years ago, and then finally last year to a group of 19 luxury condominiums.


The building sits on the bluff of the Spokane River.   Across the street, hidden just under the bank, is the new portion of the fabulous Centennial Trail.  Here you will find a  largely non-traffic route to miles and miles of beautiful hiking and biking to the north and to the east, and south Kendall Yards and downtown Spokane.  Or you can cross the river on the pedestrian bridge near People’s Park and make your way to the Fish Lake Trail, Aubrey White Park and Riverside State park.

(Great location.) The view out over the bluff is spectacular, the sunsets are photograph worthy.

But you won’t see it from this apartment. 🙂  You will have to go outside.  But you might be interested in the inside as well.

Unit 103 is the largest unit in the complex.  It sits tucked in the ground floor, with two convenient exits out to the garden and trail.

Here is what you see on entering–very dormitory.  Terrazzo flooring.  Nearly indestructible.  I wish one could get it now.



Outside there is a locked security door with code, and after you enter the stairs you want are just to the right of this.

On the bottom floor to the right, look for the door is near this:

img_8715 2

(The print was given to me by my Grandmother Alice,  “The Pharaoh’s Horses”).

The door is to the left of this bench.

Open door and enter the long hall to a basement apartment with many windows.

It has lots of light and air and is a fun, protected space.

(Never mind it is filled with art and quirky Mid Century to Steam Punk decor).  It’s a nice place to be.

I was shocked (shocked!) when our friend Dave walked in and said “Oh, the Lo-o-o-ove couch.”

It has a story. . . don’t we all?



The second bedroom is also set up as an office:



Unit 103 has a very complete kitchen with dishwasher, good ventilation and a LOT of fun cooking equipment.  If you like to cook, we have you covered.

Since these pictures were taken we have added a butcher block eat-in kitchen table and a personal clothes washer. There is also a dining room area and if you like to do LOTS of laundry at the same time a common laundry room about thirty feet away on the same level.

Parking is off street in a fenced area covered with old ivy and Virginia Creeper.

High speed internet and normal TV are one click away.

Reports from our first visitor, a friend who used to stay sometimes at the Odell House, was that she loved the bed, the place was fun and very clean. She mentioned being amused by the gurgling of the water pipes that feed the radiators and was happy that she could turn them down–there was plenty of heat.  My translation of this is that in the winter if you were a very light sleeper the noise of the water circulating might be something to think about.

Pets are allowed under very strict guidelines–dogs never left alone, must be crate trained, no using the common areas as toilets and keeping the river bluff opposite spotlessly clean.  This building is mostly owner occupied and has a very “looked after” vibe.  It is 100% non smoking–anywhere on the property.   (And mostly owner occupied is a great thing, but it also means if you don’t like adhering to cultural norms it is not the place for you!  Some residents have lived here decades and a lot of gardening gets done in the summer months. Expect to see owners fussing around and the occasional group cleaning or project.)

Our version of the Finch is available for stays of 30 days or more, but there are several other owners who do shorter term lodging in the building.

Please ask if you have questions!


509  879-4619