Another person’s view–reviews and notes about the various units.

Summary–short version:

Things people like:

Historic Home.

Lovely neighborhood and setting.

The main queen beds are all very good, and the linens are lovely.

Being close to downtown, but “different.”

The chickens and gardens are fun.

Very good Wifi.

Being able to cook.

Things people DON’T like:

There is no “staff,” just the owners who are sometimes busy–and often private or shy.

There is no front desk or guaranteed 24 hour service available.

These are old houses.  Some things (many) are old.

The heat can be hard to figure out–old style radiators.

The second beds are informal and not as good as the first.  (Often futon style)

No Breakfast. 😉



Here’s a list of actual reviews tagged to various units with *********** separating the entries

Wakefield housewakefield


Odell House

The two houses sit directly across the street from one another, both built in 1898.

I’m sorry if this is a little hard to follow.  The review/comment/note entries are (mostly) most recent first, and come from Yelp, Google Trip Advisor, Air BnB, and then my favorites, the sweet and often-funny notes people leave in the units or by email after a stay.

I have deleted just two reviews.  (But if you want to see them–and to check that I am not creating a novel–you could check Trip Advisor reviews and Air BnB)  One was a review from a competitor complaining that we don’t serve breakfast and giving a two star review amid a litany of other strange complaints.  (Very sad that she actually tagged it to multiple competitors as she actually did stay with us!  At least we think so.)  Anyway, we don’t serve breakfast.  You have to cook it yourself.  (You’ll have a kitchen.) The other skipped review was from a very disruptive guest who I had to ask to be more considerate of the neighbors.  I was polite, but they still did not appreciate the “interference”.  (The other residents of the house did appreciate the intervention–fortunately it does not have to happen often).

Setting limits on disruptive individuals is a sure fire way to get a bad reaction short term.  But setting limits is the only way to keep things as they should be in the long term. We are normally very accommodating–as I think you will see below–unless you want to block the drive, make a lot of noise after ten, or smoke on the grounds.  Then. . . not so much so!  And yes, we do have a fleet of loaner bikes, a composting program, organic garden, chicken coop, EV charging station and most, (but not all!) green cleaning practices.  (There ARE, occasionally, very good reasons for bleach.)

We do not, as many places, have a “review solicitation program.”  (Many of which can be easily purchased to fabricate reviews–just check Google.)

Thank YOU, our wonderful guests, for writing!  It makes our day!


Notes from Folks:

Wakefield Library unit 2: June 18, 2012

We stayed a month, and it is a very nice space.  Private entry and great porch seating area.  Nice yard for our children to enjoy, and pleasant neighbors.  We appreciated the free laundry and the general “home away from home” start it gave us in Spokane.  Thanks!


Odell House B Next Door June 14, 2014

This is a note from Dale about a couple of men who did NOT stay.

They arrived needing space in a sold out weekend in Spokane.


And then they lingered a good while attempting to negotiate a slightly more than Motel 6 price based on the bathroom of B being “not historic”.

This is true and needs noting.

The bath of B was updated more than fifteen years ago in its basics.  The tile has been replaced, the floor has not, and the tub is from the seventies.  Not a vintage setup.  The only one in the house that is “modern”.

How come we do not change it “back”?

Well, I’d like to, but in some sense people need it like it is.  And I have not had inspiration of the correct change, and need to be sure, because replacing the whole thing will be very expensive.

Why the pause?

The bathtub of B is normal height with an easy to step over rim, then a grab bar set into the tile.  The tub is a bit worn.  But its flat bottom fits a shower chair securely.

Yes, you’ve got it: ground floor, easy parking, a studio with two beds–one smaller,one larger–a more modern (though older to be sure) bath.

Infirm people, or guests just out of the hospital have used this quiet and easy space many many times to rest and recover.  They actually NEED the grab bar and flat bottom tub.

A clawfoot tubs–which ALL the rest of the units have–are just not safe for them.

And  I always assumed, that for robust folk, this aesthetic nuisance might be sometimes a bother.

I did not assume that robust folk would not imagine why we might pause before eradicating it.

Anyway, the bottom line is the bath needs redoing, but many people need it like it is.

So I am waiting for both an influx of cash (never certain) and the idea that keeps it useful.

So, particularly if you’ve stayed in B, PLEASE CHIME IN.

(M0st importantly, would you be willing to not have a tub and accept a walk in tiled shower?)


Odell B, Next Door: May 2014

“Thank-you for hosting my husband and I (plus my mom) Saturday night.  Your property is a charming and comfortable place to stay and I just want to let you know we enjoyed staying at the Odell House very much.  We appreciated the quiet established neighborhood and it’s convenient proximity to downtown Spokane and the Spokane Airport area.”

Unit B



Odell B, Next Door: December 2013

 “This is hands down the best place to stay in Spokane! I have stayed in apartment B twice, it has everything you could ever need, a tiny kitchen including a great stove, pots, pans, cookie sheets, literally everything, they even have a compost! The bed is beyond comfortable, and there is even a little dining table and couches. Dale, the owner is lovely and left us fresh egg’s from the hen’s that live there. As many other reviewers have said, the location is great and so close to the bus stop and grocery store. You could pay twice as much for a week in Spokane, and you wouldn’t have half the amenities they offer here.

Room Tip: Apartment B is great for a solo traveler or a couple.

See more room tips
Green Features: They have a compost in the kitchen, and a recycling area outside.”

Unit B, Next Door


Odell E Maid’s Apartment: December, 2013

“My husband and I spent 4 wonderful nights in Apartment E of the Odell House during December 2013. The beautiful home is located in a historic part of Spokane, Browne’s Addition, near the museum and diverse restaurants/pubs (great food & service). We couldn’t have asked for more in terms of our stay! Apartment E met our needs completely, although if it hadn’t, the responsive Odell House manager, Dale, would have addressed them immediately. This second floor fully furnished apartment is clean, warm and cozy, filled with antiques and comfortable furniture. We had plenty of room to spread out in the living room, dining room/study, kitchen, bedroom, and bath areas. The rooms are flooded with natural light, and the area is quiet. It is a “home away from home”. We highly recommend the Odell house, and look forward to returning! Thanks for everything, Dale!



Funky, cozy, comfortable, and private. Great place when traveling with our dog.

Odell Unit C Family Apartment–Pet Friendly: October 2013

“I was thrilled that we could bring our dear old Gypsy girl to this interesting mansion. It was perfectly comfortable, and we were right next to the door so letting the dog out was easy. What a great place to walk, very cool old mansions everywhere and a park around the corner. Close to downtown, we had no problems finding it and there is a grocery store and restaurants very near by.
Suite C was large and unusual, perhaps the butler’s quarters? It’s not for those how are afraid of a few dusty corners and aged furniture. The bed was perfect and clean, but the bedroom is indeed oddly designed, I guess built for a small single bed only. The bathroom was quirky, but fine.
We had great communication with Dale, although never saw her. Much more fun than a boring hotel.

Room Tip: Suite C is great for family and your dog. Make your own meals, 2 TV’s. Close to dining out.”

Note from Dale: on the blog post below you will see our recent process in the kitchen and bath of unit C–we think its a great working improvement in both the bath and kitchen–though somewhat subtle visually.  We installed a larger curtain ring, new tile under loo, vent fans and new paint in both kitchen and bath.  Extra outlets.  The bedroom is still sadly small–fitting a queen bed, but with not a lot of other space.   We really do listen when you tell us what you’d like!  Suggestions alway goes on the list and when we can afford it we do it.  And since we don’t spend money on anything else, there’s a good bet it will happen someday. . .




Odell Gallery Studio: September 2013

“This place (Odell House) was amazingly nice; a Queen Anne style architecture, located in a very peaceful residential street, and surrounded by beautiful homes. The apt we rented was Studio A, very spacious with 2 full beds and a small kitchen. When I booked it they asked me what I preferred: more bed space or larger kitchen. I settled for the former as a small kitchen was sufficient for the weekend. This house is one mile from downtown. I went for Bloomingsdale 12K race and I jogged to the start line and came back jogging after the race was over. Perfect, no need to deal with traffic, parking, or getting up any earlier than one hour before the race. The race course 1 mile marker is one block from the house, so hubby was there to cheer me on without need of driving anywhere. Dale was very responsive when we contacted her for a couple of things. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”

Odell Unit C Family Apartment–Pet Friendly April 2014 

“The Odell house was such a wonderful place to stay on our trip out West with our two small dogs. The small apartment was clean and stocked with everything we needed. The neighborhood was quiet, friendly, and wonderful for a short walk. Dale was very accommodating and made us feel welcome. I would highly recommend staying at the Odell house if you have a chance.”

April 2014  The Gallery Studio,

“Dale was delightful to interact with. She had great recommendations for local restaurants and was extremely hospitable. The room was amazing and I enjoyed my stay immensely and can’t wait to return!

It has a wrap around porch with a swinging bench out front on which I enjoyed my morning coffees and absorbed the relaxed spring breeze! I high recommend staying here to anyone fortunate enough to travel there.”

 Wakefield River View, March 2014

“I stayed at the Wakefield House with my sister, both of us visiting Spokane for the first time. Dale was incredibly welcoming and the house was clean & lovely. Very spacious, and cozy. The neighborhood is super convenient for walking to downtown area. The house was very quiet when settling in for the evening.
Would definitely stay again and recommend to friends. Thanks Dale!”

Odell House, Apartment D Anna’s Apartment  second floor: March 2014 

“We stayed in Apartment D – 2nd floor 1 bedroom unit. This exceeded our expectations as the room is bigger than we normally expect from a B&B. This unit has a separate living space, kitchen, bedroom with Queen bed and bathroom with claw foot tub. If you are a fan of a high quality firm bed – this place is for you. This was great for me, but not so much for my wife.

We arrived with clear directions on how to access the apartment (door code + key for apartment). Chocolate was a nice touch.”

Wakefield Portico: January 2014

“Dale was very helpful and gave us good information about the rental.
The house where our apartment was situated was quite a magnificent mansion. The apartment was very comfortable and access was quite easy.
The Browns Addition was a new experience for us, we never knew it existed, it has obviously had a gracious history and the ambiance of the area where our rental was fantastic.
The area is close to the center of Spokane with easy access to restaurants and shopping.”

Wakefield Portico January 2014 

“We spent two nights in the Portico room (in the Wakefield house across the street), and had an excellent experience. The suite was clean, quiet, and airy, not to mention absolutely enormous. I’ll be highly recommending the Odell house to friends who visit Spokane, as both beautiful and great value.”

Wakefield Portico: November 2013

“Wonderful experience! The location of the home is perfect and the home itself is amazing. Everything about the home made it such a fun experience; the location, the decor, the host!!

Dale was so kind to us starting with the check-in. She asked if there was anything she could pick up for us prior to our arrival to make our stay better! Upon check-out, she recommended several restaurants for breakfast and we ended up eating at Frank’s Diner! The food was incredible and the hostess (Gage) was by far the best waitress we’ve ever had.

My fiancé and I had such a wonderful trip and it all started with staying at the O’Dell House! Thank you Dale for being such a gracious host! When we have the chance to make it back, we won’t stay anywhere else but the O’Dell House!”

Wakefield Portico: November 2013

“Dale is great – easy, quick, and clear communication. The house is lovely, right in the historic neighborhood. I brought my 65 yo mom and she loved our 2 bedroom apt! And, they let you stay a bit beyond check out if they’re not booked. So we got to stay until 4 when we left to catch our flight!”

Odell Apartment B, Next Door: October 2013

“The location, antiques and comfort will bring us back to Odell House in lovely Spokane, Washington. Our maiden trip to this people friendly city was a real treat and we enjoyed the walk from Odell House into downtown Riverfront Spokane. Our hosts at Odell House upgraded our accommodation, parking was provided, neighborhood was adorned with old beautiful heritage homes.

Thank you Dale!”

Room Tip: We were upgrade into “B Next Door”, it was very quiet and we felt at home.

Odell Apartment E, The Maid’s Odell House  September 2013

“Our stay in the Odell House was very cozy and enjoyable. Placed in a Historical neighborhood, this Historical building has character with the nostalgia of past architecture. Our unit had a lovely bay window with floor lengthens windows in the front room along with cozy couches, and many pieces of art around the unit. The entire place was romantically decorated with long satin curtains, dimming lighting and antique furniture. Our apartment was clean, bed and pillows were comfy, a claw foot bath to soak all your worries away. Unit energy was creative and inspiring leaving me with wanting to write the great American novel, hand write letters to loved ones or start a watercolor painting. Would love to go back to stay for a week or more. Thank you Dale!”

Odell Apartment B, Next Door: January 2013
  • “Loved both the unit and the location. The unit is a nice blend of modern conveniences and antique/older style furnishings. The neighborhood has a feel of a more elegant time! Easy walk to the Museum of Art and Culture, short drive to antique stores and downtown. Enjoyed a night at a dueling piano bar, found some treasures at an antique store, books at Aunties bookstore, walked the neighborhood admiring architecture and went to a welcoming church on Sunday. A perfect weekend get-away. Dale was great to work with and provided local information that helped with our deciding what to do doing our stay.”



    Odell House Apartment E, The Maid’s:  January 2013 

    “Dale is wonderful and patient. There was what I perceived to be a hiccup with premature billing and she took the time on Christmas of all days to explain what happened and to try and fix it. She extended this excellent customer service into my actual stay. I had no complaints as the place is adorable and provides everything you could need. It’s in a nice area with gorgeous old homes and has beautiful views. It is in fact part of one those gorgeous old homes. Check in and out was easy and Dale was available if there were any problems.This was my second stay and it won’t be my last. Thank you!”

    Odell Apartment B, Next Door: November 2012

    “This was my first AirBnB arrangement, and Dale answered all my questions, making sure I understood everything. The cute apartment matched the pictures, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner warmed in the oven. We didn’t stay long enough to explore the area nor visit the house and nearby museum, but it all looked tremendously beautiful. It is worth a repeat visit. Also, the location was easy to find, with great access to the interstate highway.”

  • “Truly a jewel in Spokane. Beautiful, quiet, safe neighborhood, walking distance to the fun spots. Can’t think of a better place to stay. Mellow, easy going host’s. The facilities are clean, spacious, yet still cozy and inviting. I will return, without question.”

    October 2012 Unit B, Next Door

    Odell Unit C Family Apartment–Pet Friendly

    “The place was great! We loved staying there. It is a great apartment, in a great house, in a great neighborhood. Dale was very friendly and accommodating and went out of the way to ensure that we were comfortable and enjoyed the trip. We would love to stay there again!”

  • **********************

    Odell Unit C Family Apartment–Pet Friendly

    “My wife and I stayed with Dale at the Odell house for a few nights while going on day excursions to the Centennial trail in Spokane and to explore the Cour D’Alene trail in Idaho. I have to say this was the best possible situation for middle aged bike adventurers. The space we were given was an entire furnished multi-room apartment in one of the beautiful Victorian era homes in the Brownes Addition neighborhood of Spokane.

    Here’s what we loved:
    1. Our hosts were super nice and made sure we were well accommodated. They couldn’t be sweeter and lovelier to do business with. For people like us who are coming to Spokane to do day rides in Spokane and Idaho, hosts like this are great to have. They get our need for secure indoor bicycle storage.
    2. The apartment was huge and fully set up with a kitchen and everything we needed to feel right at home. It was like moving into somebody elses life for a weekend. Like a home away from home.
    3. Secure bike storage. The house has a lockable garage for bike storage. The hosts are transportation bike enthusiasts and have a lovely quiver of loaner bikes which are restored mixte framed bikes with Brooks saddles and are set up for comfort.
    4. They even have a wave bike rack in the front yard for temporary lockup of bikes during the day.
    5. The Odell House was only two blocks away from some great pubs and restaurants and a short level 7 block bike ride from downtown Spokane. We’d highly recommend Wild Sage, it was our favorite meal of the trip.
    6. Browne’s Addition is clearly the finest neighborhood in Spokane, very classy and safe with a huge park one block away. Huge old trees and restored Victorian mansions line the streets.
    7. Super great bed. We slept very very well.

    We would both definitely stay here again when in town again.”

    June 2012  Odell House C

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