The Wakefield Library Apartment

The original library area of the Wakefield House, now a one bedroom one bath unit on the ground floor west side.

The Wakefield house was built in 1898 and converted into nine apartments in the mid 1920’s.  Though all have a mission theme, each apartment has a distinctive feel as it takes one section of this very custom original home.




The Wakefield Library, unit 2 has an entry from the main hall, but also the door you see to the left of the central pillars.

In the summer there is space for a nice little outdoor sitting and dining area.


The apartment has a galley kitchen with large pantry–to the end in this photo, and out of sight, but also has the original and useful wall-built ironing board.  That is why, for the younger folks, you will find the iron stored with the toaster. . .



The dining area, next to the kitchen, also houses a twin futon and a mission style writing desk.


The living area below has seating for five and a door into the hallway–helpful for going out to coffee if you have a guest in the front room.  Below is what you would see entering from that door.



Above is what you would see from the bedroom.

And speaking of the bedroom, it has the most gorgeous tile fireplace.


Sadly it cannot be used in original purpose–fire code–but don’t forget to notice the lamp of knowledge and open book tiles, surrounded by pine cone metal works.

The queen bed has our fantastic “go to” mattress from a local company.  We will divulge our supplier if you like.  They ship to all states and the last one bought by one of our guests left for Indiana last week.  The local company really does an excellent job.


The bath is rather normal, tiled with a modern toilet and bath/shower that you can’t see in this picture.


There is also a well-lighted walk in closet with a full length mirror and a nice set of built ins–plenty of storage space.  A real bonus sometimes not seen in these older buildings.


All in all unit 2 is a bright and inviting space with an open western aspect, peek views of the river valley from the bedroom north window.  A lovely place to stay or live.


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