The Little River House on Clarke

The Clarke Street House was built in 1952 and added onto, doubling its size several years later.  It has two bedrooms and one bath and according to the city it is just under 1,100 square feet–though it lives a bit bigger than that because the L shape that makes it look smaller from the road encompasses a generous back deck space and useful and private back yard.

First I’ll tell you about the area, then at the lower part some pictures of the interior.


It is located on a pastoral, secondary waterfront lot, with peek views of the river, directly down the hill from the Odell House complex and has a very steep public set of stairs behind it leading up to Browne’s Addition, just under the MAC Museum and all the activities therein.


Another wonderful walk is down through the meadow to People’s Park and across the foot bridge to Kendell Yards near the confluence of Latah Creek and the Spokane River.


There is a good wading spot before the rapids of the river.


Or you can walk up toward downtown with a beautiful view of the Monroe Street bridge.


The house sits on a bus route directly to downtown and the SFCC community college. It is served on the weekdays, which is handy and also means the street is plowed regularly–as can be an issue in Spokane!


The setting of the house is unique. It has a double lot right across from the river, and a city owned and as far as we know unbuildable set of lots will preserve the view–rare in Peaceful Valley.

The drive is crushed asphalt, on a right of way owned by the city which at present serves one other small house.

It has a care free back yard–well fenced and very private with shade plants and vinca–a ground cover that does not need mowing.

It has a sunny and productive front yard, partially planted in wild flowers and very easy to care for.



The large sculptural tree on the southeast corner of the house is an ancient cherry from old root stock.  Beautiful in the spring and good feeding for the birds in fall–they leave not a one.

The entry to the house has a small sitting porch with a tongue in cheek “security” gate complete with “kitty observation deck”.  Yes you can lock the gate, but the main purpose is to create a small enclosed outside space. Very fun.




One of the things we love about the area is the abundant wildlife. The riparian habitat makes for great bird watching.  Almost a dozen Mule Deer call this end of the valley home.  They are regular visitors and we often see fawns in the yard.

The kitchen is the first room you enter.






It is well equipped with a new glass top stove, a full sized Bosch dishwasher and ample storage.  Also a separate pantry in the hall.  It has a fold down breakfast bar–the trike shown in the front room fits easily out the double french doors to the back deck.





The front room is double sized with two large and bright picture windows.



The back bedroom also has large and new windows.


The middle bedroom is smaller, but with ample closet space and plenty of light.

The bath/laundry is well equipped with all new plumping in the sink and shower area.




So there you have it. A very solid, easy to manage living space with great access to downtown, the hospitals, the Centennial Trail.

Nuts and bolts below.

The house is heated by two gas burning free standing fireplaces.

The water heater is natural gas.

The dryer is electric, as is the kitchen range.

200 Amp service

Utilities run between $45 and $150 in a typical year providing ample heat, laundry use, dishwasher and air conditioning.  Currently we share a neighborhood wifi and trash service, so it is very affordable.

The water heater came with the house.

All the faucets and other appliances are new.

The plumbing to the all sinks and the bathtub is new.

It has two new frost free hydrants/faucets for outside water.

The drain to the city sewer is about fifteen years old.  All the parts we can see are modern and it has never been an issue.

We have never had a winter pipe freeze issue in the house.

Things that could be worked on, or to take note of:

The floors slant–it never bothered us, but we like old houses!  By virtue of being built in two phases, one half of the house is on a slab, the other on foundation.  There is no actual crawl space.  No movement, just different heights.

The back deck planking needs to be replaced or repaired in several places.  Not knowing what another person would want with this space we have left it.  Views of the river are possible and might be fun.

There is a parking space/garage/shed that used to be covered.  We have cleaned it up and left the footprint walls so it could easily be rebuilt on that footprint.

It is rentable, currently rented until the end of September at $2,000 a month. For sale in the early fall of 2017.  The price is a very affordable $179,000 which would give a payment of less than $800, and keep basic living costs at less than $1,000 a month.

The neighbors are friendly, but picky about noise, commotion and tidiness.  That would be us.  We live next door, up the hill on the little dirt road.



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