Unit C, The Family Apartment

Unit C of the Odell House enters from the Poplar side of the house and has a large picture window in the living room looking West.  You can see the window to the right of the entry door.


This one bedroom apartment is ground floor and relates very nicely to the new deck and Gazebo we installed in the spring of 2014.

This would be the view from the bath window,


–though obviously taken from outside as there is a curtain in the bath.


This is the sitting area right outside the picture window.  The apartments on the other side all have porches and covered sitting areas, and we felt this was missing on the west side of the house.  Gas grill for tenant use on far side of structure.  Anyway, this area relates nicely to apartment C.

A page of pictures of the interior of C have remained unchanged for years in our main website.


It’s easy to access, entry of the locked first floor landing.



Recently we have embarked upon a soft update, starting with repairing some cracks in the kitchen ceiling and repainting.


You can’t see it in these pictures but we also added one of my favorite kitchen improvements–a very quiet exhaust fan.  Air quality inside in any house is improved by these, and it is something I want in all the units.

The living room is large, with two sofas.


And then a little dining table that currently sits under the big picture window.  We had a custom “top or bottom” raise cellular blind installed this year.  That means you can  have as much privacy or as much view as you wish


The bedroom is not large and some have described it as awkwardly shaped–which it sort of is, the linen closet behind the only place to put the bed.  But it still fits a queen bed, a dresser and vanity.

The door to the right of the bed leads to a locked exit hallway–the old maid’s stairs–which are actually pretty convenient for moving things in and out of the unit.


The bedroom also contains the entrance to  the bath which was updated during the winter of 2014.   I will show you a couple  “as was” photos because it makes some previous comments about the space more clear.


The bath, now painted white,


has had a pedestal sink, and nice tile back splash dating from the nineties–the era of my Russian carpenter, Yuri.

There is also  a large, five foot claw foot tub that used to have a shower addition from the seventies.   A shower ring which sadly has caused us no end of review trouble!

What’s not to love about a full-length claw foot?

Nothing.  It’s a great tub.

But people want a shower as well.  And they uniformly hated the too-small ring enclosure from the seventies.  To keep the shower ring level I did some 2004 “granny” engineering!  (See the purple dog leash?)


Which I was so proud of at the time as the curtain stayed level.

My guests, however,  were not enthusiastic.

They now actually MAKE a suitably sized chrome shower ring–which was not the case in the “dog leash” years.

Here it is:


A lot roomier, cleaner looking and, well, just the right size.  Sturdily installed, stable and level. Go Dave!!! (Our carpenter.)

A note here if you stay, Please Please PLEASE put the shower curtain inside the claw foot tub if you take a shower!

The other project on the hit list was the carpeted bathroom–the last of same in the house.

The important areas are now tiled.

IMG_0139 (1)

This may not be 100% historic, but in my book a neat way to treat the often intricate and immovable pieces in an old house, like radiators and heating pipes: use smaller tile (or flat pebble tile) as an edge, larger tile to the center.

And the new tile supporting new toilet and plumbing–very sanitary–and not pink–now white with pink accents.  (I kind of miss the pink. . . .


Someday we will strip all the carpet that now runs from tub into bedroom, but in the meantime, new toilet, new floor and new plumbing.

It is an easy, fun little apartment. Great views, lots of light.

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