The Portico two bedroom unit of the Wakefield House.

Available for 30 day stays, the Portico is the unit with the sun room bedroom over the drive of the Wakefield House.  One of our two two bedroom units.   It can sleep five in a slightly formal and genteel space.


Wait, wait, this does not look genteel!

(This is Rick and my son Nick in August 2013 scraping away six layers of peeling wallpaper in the dining room.)

The dining room looks like this now.


Of course The Portico unit  has a full kitchen–south facing and sunny.

IMG_1390 IMG_1454

A large living room.


North bedroom with bath access.



The bath has two doors, which is nice as you don’t have to wander through the second sleeping space.


Below, the lovely curtained sun room/second bedroom and sitting area.


Of course the views are breathtaking.  It is probably one of the finest spots to sit and view the world in Spokane–really, it is fabulous.

dsc_0048 IMG_1498

The Portico–the whole west face of the Wakefield second floor.

One bath, two doors.

Two queen beds in separate rooms.

One small informal twin or sitting area by window in dining room.

Sleeps five with three beds.

Full kitchen.

Two TVs with cable, one DVD player, wireless Internet.

No Smoking.


Upsides: Great light, lovely space, roomy.  A wonderful choice at all times of year.

Downsides: The hardwood floors with Oriental carpets are not as forgiving of noise as some surfaces, so one must be considerate of neighbors (though you would be anyway, we know it!)   Parking for overnight guests is limited on off street choices, but plentiful and free on street.

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