Unit E; The Maid’s Apartment

Unit E on the second floor of the Odell House is shaped like a long keyhole.

It is the second to largest unit in the Odell House, and has the most light and sun of any  There is an eastern exposure down one long side–about 60 feet–for the bath, hall, bedroom and kitchen, then there are two large bay windows to the north and west in the living and dining rooms.

For many years unit E contained what is now the upper laundry, but was for a long time the little Maid’s room.

We need better pictures of the living and dining rooms, which because they have a lot of light are really hard to photograph.

Here are some anyway:  The first is a view from the bay window facing the corner of First and Poplar.  A summer sunset the second week of July.


The larger five bay windows would be right behind the photographer here.


The two “flower” windows of the house belong to E.


There is a desk below one of them.



In this summer shot above you can see one of the sofas in the living room and large draped bay window.

There are five windows making up that Bay, and a recent update is a set of custom light reflective double cellular shades.

They open from top down and bottom up, were fantastically expensive and are doing a GREAT job insulating that very bright window from the hot afternoon sun–though still too much light to get a good photo.  (My kingdom for a photographer!!!)


Here they are without the drapes:

IMG_7562 2

This is a winter view, but you can see how the bay windows of the second floor are laid out above the porches. (The photo above is of course the ones on the right as you face the house.)


Galley kitchen below with a big window off to the left–east side.


The bedroom–queen bed.  Flat screen TV on the wall– a little one.

IMG_0301 IMG_0302


Above, the bath with original  octagonal tile floor.  (This is a good and bad thing!)

Good parts: Very pretty views and light.  A lot of space to spread out, dedicated desk as well as dining table.  Some availability for extra guest. Two TV spaces. Convenient laundry.

Bad parts: second floor, laundry is near bedroom so the odd inconsiderate other guest might be a problem.  Has not happened yet. (Hint, hint–let’s keep it that way)  Microwave and other appliances used at same time will blow fuses.  Fuse panel is in laundry.  AC and hair dryer have new circuit dedicated. . .it’s the darned micro.  In the summer it is air conditioned from the back hall near the bath and bedroom.  Careful use of the drapes and new insulated cellular blinds in the larger bay window that faces west is the key to being comfortable in the front areas of the house.  It makes a huge difference if you use them thoughtfully–open at night to enjoy the view and air, closed during the day.


Some client thoughts:  This unit has a lot of light and very, very pretty views in all directions.  It is large, the second largest of the house.  A woman who stayed in both D and E  this spring reported that she preferred E because she was a”view person,” and while D has some nice outlooks as well, the windows of E pleased her.  She also liked the additional storage both in the bath dining room area.

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