Organic grocery shopping and other needs:

People often ask where to get organic food in Spokane.  There are several places near to us.

Also the site of the nearest  Post Office, and Pharmacy,  the basic grocery, Rosauers on Third and Cannon is quite good in the produce department and does stock some organics.  They also offer a service called Delivery Boy where for $12 you can have anything you want delivered to your house or apartment.

Granted, you can also ask us to do this before you arrive and we will charge nothing for it–or just the cost of whatever you want anyway.


(There is a map at the base of this link–it is right as you enter Browne’s Addition on Second–on the map below where Second and Third appear to converge–they don’t.)

Another Spokane classic is Huckleberry’s Market–also owned by Rosauers company but specializing in what they call Natural Food.  It’s a good place, and not too far away.

Huckleberry’s Natural Market
926 South Monroe Street
Spokane, WA 99204
(509) 624-1349


A third choice is a store called Main Market, which is downtown–you guessed it–on Main St. On the map above it is roughly where the word Sprague is written.  My friend Lori works there.


STORE HOURS: Open 7 Days a Week | Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm

The deli is very good, serving as a small cafe for downtowners.  It is quite close to the Opera House and Convention Center, also within a block of the local Kinko’s copy place–a very good office backup and Fed Ex shipping station.  My friend Charlie works there.

Trader Joe’s Spokane

In the shopping center which also houses Urban Canine (across the parking lot) on Ray and 29th St on the South Hill.

2975 East 29th Ave
Spokane, WA 99223

Trading Hours:
Mon-Sun: 8am – 9pm
Truthfully, I have been once, and will never go again if I can help it!  (Reasons? Corporate, non-local ownership for one, but more so the stiflingly South Hill crowd, crowding the crowded aisles–and it is a very long way up hill on a bike for a grocery shop.)
Urban Canine is a whole different story:
If you have a pooch and want to look at great equipment they are worth a visit.

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