The Studio and Next Door reunited

Many of our regular guests have stayed in several of the units.   When we run across one another, the question always comes up, how was the house arranged originally?

Of course, we explain,  it was built as a single family dwelling at the turn of the century.  Neatly 115 years ago, but who is counting?  A scarce thirty years after construction it was broken up into six units–the Depression–and has lived that way ever since.

We don’t know the whole story, having never met anyone who was there at the time, but every now and then we get a hint, find a bottle in a wall, notice a change of trim, get an idea.

Touring through the house in January with Dave Bender, our most excellent carpenter/cabinet maker, and Goeff Loftin our lighting guru, Dave walked into the Studio and said, there was a door there in that wall at one time.

And since that moment I cold not walk into the Studio and not want to see into the next room.

You know what is coming next:

Above is the Studio, now with the grand roughly 8X8 opening that used to be a set of pocket doors from the front parlor, reestablished. (Well, to be honest, we also decided to get rid of the blue brocade wallpaper too–I can hear the cheer!)

Below is how it used to look:

Very nice, yes, but what about the bedroom to B?????

Here is B’s bedroom mid-construction:


Good Question:

Well, the Studio was our most popular rental.

I never understood why.

Not much of a kitchen, no separate bedroom, not very big.  How come everybody wanted it?

You tell me, but I think it is that people traveling for short stays perceive that a whole apartment is too much and they perceived it as very much less expensive–which it was not.  They are all a good deal.

But on actual stays, the feedback I got from those actual stays was the Studio was too small.

Not any more.  We have a new and better studio called Next Door version 2012: The apartment Next Door is now slightly smaller–a better Studio (And don’t worry we have many lovely full and fuller sized apartments to choose from still) and we have plans for the bigger Studio.

Here is Next Door–the smaller version–also now serving as a gallery for the perfectly stunning landscapes of William Elston, which are for sale and something one should consider.  Nice room.  Great art.

Breakfast in front of the fireplace?

Showcase for antique lighting

Yes, yes, and yes!

The door to the once bedroom of B is locked (but can be opened to share our next project which I will tell you about in another post.)

I think the house is happy–we certainly are, and hope you will be as well!

Best wishes,  Dale and Rick.

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