Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Bring your Tesla (or Volt!) to Spokane. . .



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We have an electric vehicle charging station, with prioritized free use for our overnight guests at the Odell House, but it can also be reserved by travelers needing a charge.


Or, you can reserve it yourself:  https://reservations.frontdeskanywhere.net/odellhouse/

Or call us 8 AM to 8PM and ask if it is available.  (It probably is.) 509 879-4619

(We put a default cost of $10 on the reservation form, but charging is free to our guests and they will not be billed.)

One can park about nine feet from it  There are two spots that one can access the charger.

1. The First Ave drive if you rent apartment B.  This is an enclosed space, dedicated to people who are staying in B, the entry to which is just to the right of this gated area.  If we are expecting an EV we open this, but it can be closed again to contain the car.  Sadly, the garage is too far away from the charger to use with a normal cord.



2. The other charging location is next to the fence on the Poplar St side of the house.  (There is a sign), a gate and an opening for the cord–seen under construction below:



(It now has a little trap door)

The car will not be enclosed, just in the Poplar drive in this case.



If we do say so ourselves, we are a great place to charge your EV.  (And actually, other people have said this, though secretly wishing for an even faster and covered service.  It may happen if enough people appear.)

Why so great a charging place?

To charge, one has of course to leave the car plugged in.  While that car is plugged in you will be within half a block of public transportation.  (Getting to downtown or the airport is easy.)  You’ll be in walking distance (four blocks) from half a dozen nice places to eat and drink, a grocery store, and a museum.


If you visit in summer there is also a play ground and park with fun water feature for your shorter friends.


Rick and I have a Leaf (Nissan all-electric vehicle) which in real practice has a range of about 75-80 miles–given typical Spokane terrain and weather.  We admire the cross country trekkers who appear every not and then with an  EV.  we hope you will be one.


Tesla Folks–Please note: the plug-in circuit is right next to the Watt Station so that a Tesla owner whose equipment will take higher amps for a faster charge can unplug the Watt Station and use the main plug with their own equipment, effectively by passing the Watt Station.  The system is locked to prevent accidents so please let us know if you need this.  The plug style has a round ground pin and then two vertical blades, one smaller than the other.  (actual photo to come. . .  but it is this style:


I’m feeling pretty happy.  This charging station is, to my knowledge the fastest one between here and Wenatchee, and I’m hoping that because of it we see more EVs in our drive in the future.  Never mind in Spokane in general. . .


We are located about ten blocks from the highway, on the most western edge downtown of Spokane.

In the photo above, looking east–Browne’s Addition is to the lower right quarter of the picture,  just to the right of the curve of the river–where all the big white buildings are–most built 1895-1905.  A group of houses that later determined the meaning of “downsizing.”


If you click the above photo to enlarge it you will more easily see the group of deer that have come up from creek to take advantage of the lawn in early spring.  This is our neighborhood–a view from the porch in fact: the corner of First and Poplar Streets in Browne’s Addition: one of the first Spokane developments to have both telephone and electricity from the start.  Above, view from Odell House porch between the Finch House and Wakefield House


The Wakefield House. Just across the street with several unit in our furnished apartment rental program


The Campbell house, across the street to the right, is available for tours through the MAC Museum, which sits just to the east of it.


The Odell House Lodging, operated as a B&B, offering furnished apartments for both short and longer stays.

3 thoughts on “Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Bring your Tesla (or Volt!) to Spokane. . .

  1. No images in WordPress links above.

    If you REALLY want to attract Tesla visitors, get a(n) HPWC installed. Can take up to 100A input, though it will also handle 50A (80 or 40 continuous).

  2. Great information–and it could happen. What we did put in was what Tesla said would be comparable with the high end ‘Vegas Hotels, who actually want you to be able to charge the car–not just look green to all the folks who do not drive one. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I hope you were able to get the sales tax you paid for the watt station and on the labor and wiring, refunded. You can obtain the forms for the refund from the Department of Revenue. The relevant law is RCW 82.08.816 (Exemptions “Electric vehicle batteries and infrastructure”. It will expire 1-1-2020. 8.9% of $2000 is worth the phone call and stamp.

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